Tuesday, March 25, 2014

while doing this project i learned how to shade better with pencils and make it darker and certain areas

from this project i feel like i got better at shading with regular art pencils

when ever something happened in my drawing that i was not sure about i fixed it by adding on to make it look like i did it on purpose

during this project nothing happened that made me have to start over or change anything i just went with the project

after i finished drawing the deer itself i thought about what i should add in the background to make it look better

i thought of the ideas then drew them i did not spend too much time thinking about how it would look because of the due date for the project

i used my own unique ideas in my work by deciding to change it from the house being close up to in the distance and the beach itself closer

i got my inspiration for this when i went to beach with my friend last summer and looking back at the beach from the pier

for this project i have never used chalk pastels before but i liked working with because of how well it blended together to make the water sand and sky all look realistic

it was my first time using chalk pastels for a project so i was not used to the way they blend together

when i got stuck on the sand and was not sure how to make it look good i asked friends at my table for help

the people at my table were really helpful when i was stuck by giving me good ideas for what i could add to the drawing or what i could improve in

Monday, March 24, 2014

for this one i liked how the color pencils had a lot of detail and blended the best out of all the drawing supplies we have used this year. 

for this project i liked how all the colors went together and it looks like i only used one color where in certain areas it had highlights.

In this project I liked how well the chalk pastels blended together and how it faded from light to dark smoothly.