art 2 final portfolio

1. I think this project was my most successful because the theme of repetition made it easier because we only had to do the same over and over so once you had an idea it was easy to go from there. i like the choices i made on this piece with the size of the smore's  looked realistic. when i went through the project i was constantly painting over changing the colors around to find something i like. to begin the project i originally had the background as orange and the plate as white but i changed the background to blue and the plate to have a grayish white feel to add some depth.

2. i felt this was my least successful project because it was at the end of the year and i was ready for summer so my mind was slowing down and we didn't have much time with only having about one week to work on this project before exams started. i would change this project by making it neater and more creative if i had the time but since i was in a rush i just threw something together in the last few days of class. 

3. these two pieces show my growth as an artist by learning new ways to work with materials i already knew how to use and learning to use new materials and techniques. for the beach house i worked with the chalk pastel for the first time so that was something that i had to experiment with some before i finally started to like the project looked. for the deer i used a mix of regular pencil and charcoal pencil to get some different value of shades of grays and made it so the deer looks more realistic. 

4. i feel like these two projects helped me get ready for my beach house project so that i would have a little experience using chalk pastels and blending them with my fingers so i knew how i would want to do the beach house project. i would have wanted a little more practice with some of these little projects but i am glad that i got some practice with the chalk pastels

5. my favorite medium to work with was the acrylic paint because i felt it was my most successful thing that i used this year and it was the easiest to work with because if you made a mistake you could paint over it and you could just fix it like that if you didn't want anybody to notice and if you decided you wanted to completely change something you could just paint over that also until you found something you liked.

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